...there once was a note,
pure & easy...
playing so free,
like a breath,
rippling by...

Nothing is everything...
Everything is nothing...


My name is Heathor, and I'm originally from Milwaukee, WI. Since coming to Los Angeles in search of fame & fortune with my band, I've been many things - bicyclist, drummer, screen printer, tie dyer, festival vendor, graphic designer - and all of these things affected my body in different ways, some of them painful.

Through yoga & meditation I've found ways of dealing with the stress, aches & pains that daily life has inflicted upon my body. I love to share my experience with others & help them work through their body's issues.

I've been athletic since childhood, playing baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, as well as biking & skateboarding. I've always enjoyed working out & have been cross training for years using a combination of yoga, biking/Spinning, swimming, weight training, & kickboxing.

I've used meditation for years to control my chronic pain in my neck & shoulders, as well as helping my concentration at work & with stress control. I like to incorporate meditation & breath work into my workouts so you can bring these benefits into your everyday life!

After finishing a rigorous teacher training program & apprenticeship at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, I was certified as a yoga instructor by The Yoga Alliance. I have continued my yogic education through extensive reading & study, as well as through additional workshops, intensive training seminars, & classes with a variety of teachers of different yoga disciplines.

Music is a huge part of my life & I believe in its power for lifting our mood & spirit. I use music in my workouts to inspire & enlighten, as well as to just plain old ROCK OUT!

You cannot deny the rock, grasshoppahs...

Over for the season - classes resume in May/June!

Explore your balance, flexibility, & range of motion, as well as getting a great core workout...

We start poolside with a warmup & opening meditation, then move into the pool to explore the poses in the unique buoyancy & challenging atmosphere of the water!

please RSVP via email to heathor@inkslinks.com
or via phone to 818-765-7500
(ask for Heathor - if you get Electric Inks Art Dept. - that's me!)
BEFORE 5pm Thursday

Please bring a yoga mat, towel, & water;
If you have your own noodle - great! bring it along!
Wear a comfortable swimsuit to swim & move in,
as well as loose, comfy clothing over your suit for the warm up.

Classes are just $10 each!

Please call to RSVP & for directions - 818-765-7500

Geared towards musicians, artists, & performers
but for ALL lovers of rock music - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
Emphasis on loosening the areas that are affected by the stresses of performing/creating,
ie: the neck, shoulders, wrists; as well as meditation for enhancing creativity & concentration. Not just for musicians - the only pre-requisite is the need to ROCK!
Oh yeah, and the music kicks ass too!

Private instruction available for individuals or groups/bands.
Special rates for groups from 2-4 people - call to discuss!
Take your performances to another level by enhancing your mental & physical dexterity.
Call for appointment - 818-765-7500
(ask for Heathor - if you get Electric Inks Art Dept. - that's me!)

Mondays & Wednesdays, 3:30pm at BLACK DOG YOGA
90 minute Mixed Level Community Flow - $10
At Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks

Private Yoga, Rock & Roll Yoga, AquAsana, & Personal Training sessions tailored to
your specific concerns/injuries/issues, either at my home or yours are available.
Reasonable rates for couples or workout buddies.
Get the personal attention you deserve! Just call or email Heathor for more info!

A few of my favorite websites...
Black Dog Yoga - a great studio in Sherman Oaks - my true yoga home!
Gaiam - for all kinds of yoga gear & lifestyle products
Barefoot Yoga - reasonably priced yoga gear
White Lotus Foundation - a great place for retreats & training

email: heathor@inkslinks.com • phone: 818-765-7500
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